Michelle Thomas
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Harvard Medical School

Each course consists of an interactive case study of 1 patient. The courses are part of the continuing education for doctors out of the Harvard Medical School Continuing and Global Education Department. 

The cases are designed for consistency, cohesion, and deep engagement. Each case follows a narrative of a patient, learning about their life, symptoms, and medical needs, ultimately asking learners to make choices about patient care along the way. 

The course illustrations are designed to foster empathy for the patient, building a realistic life and backstory. Characters created throughout the case studies aim to show a diverse range of people and backgrounds, combating stereotypes of the field. 


The above images show the interactions capable in one slide. The learner is encouraged to click through the buttons of the patients history, learning about their medical and personal history that may impact decisions on care. 


To the left are slides depicting the quiz portions of the case study. Answers are randomly ordered, and feedback is given with each correct or incorrect guess. Learners must find the correct answer to proceed.

Each section of the case is color coded based on type of slide with the tabs on the top right. This allows learners to become familiar with the set up and pacing of the cases, increasing readiness for new information and keeping a learner engaged.

The image on the bottom left depicts the one of the summary slides that follow after each question with additional information for the learner. 

The bottom right shows the illustration process. All illustrations are sketched digitally on the same page for character and narrative consistency.