Michelle Thomas
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Samples of original vector icons created for three different companies;
Uplift Financial, The Manchester Athletic Club, and Entrepreneurs Rising.

ER landing page.png

Entrepreneurs Rising Web presence

Pictured 1st: Entrepreneurs Rising website.
The Entrepreneurs Rising website is designed to feel current, calm, and confident. “Current news” sliders and past client testimonials are included to bring dynamic action to the page while maintaining a clean layout for ease of viewer interaction and understanding. Core to ER branding is a feeling of compassion, conveyed here in hand drawn elements throughout the company design, lending a feeling of intense care and attention.

Pictured 2nd: Entrepreneurs Rising Landing Page
This landing page is was created to generate brand awareness and help to grow a new online community of entrepreneurs looking to use their platform for greater social and political change. The page is part of a funnel off of a series of Facebook ads that encourages users to join our online community through clearly demonstrated benefits.

urbanity website screenshot edit.jpg

Urbanity Dance Website

Pictured 1st: Urbanity Dance Homepage
The Urbanity Dance website serves to show the breadth of work Urbanity Dance does, making learning about the company and getting involved easy and exciting. The website shows off all three of Urbanity's pillars: School, Company, and Community. The homepage of the website features a prominent slideshow. These images rotate between our Company, School, and Community pillars to show current news. A comprehensive calendar of all public events can be found on the right, inviting anyone to quickly learn where they can see us and encouraging exploration to parts of Urbanity Dance's programming someone may not know about.  

Pictured 2nd: Season Premier Landing Page
This preview page was created to drum up interest while the 2017-2018 season was being decided upon. The striking image represents the Company and upcoming season to keep viewers intrigued, and the prominent "get notified" button allows us to capture audience leads that may have left our site after finding no season information.

2017-04-23 (4).png

Harvard Medical School: Online Courses

Each course consists of an interactive case study of 1 patient. The courses are part of the continuing education for doctors out of the Harvard Medical School Continuing and Global Education Department. The cases are designed for consistency, cohesion, and deep engagement. Each case follows a narrative of a patient, learning about their life, symptoms, and medical needs, ultimately asking learners to make choices about patient care along the way. 

The course illustrations are designed to foster empathy for the patient, building a realistic life and backstory. Characters created throughout the case studies aim to show a diverse range of people and backgrounds, combating stereotypes of the field. The above images show the interactions capable in one slide. The learner is encouraged to click through the buttons of the patients history, learning about their medical and personal history that may impact decisions on care. 


Explore Hubway: App Mock-up

This is an app mock-up for a participatory game aimed at increasing Hubway use on low volume times and stations. Through analyzing Hubway trip data, it was discovered that the company is lacking college aged users, that most trips are taken during the weekdays for commuting, and that stations further from downtown Boston are less frequented. 

To address these issues our team created a game that can be downloaded with each Hubway registration. The app works on a point based system to earn rewards: less frequented stations are worth more points, there are special deals and points offered on the weekends, additional points given out for long rides, visiting a certain total number of stations, etc. Points can then be cashed in for rewards based on Hubway’s pre-existing benefits program. We hope that an app like this would encourage cyclists to use Hubway to explore rather than solely commute.  

Project Members: Katie Marlowe, and Jane Coffrin
Primary role: Design and research
Data from: http://hubwaydatachallenge.org


Social Media

Sample of designs created for Facebook and Instagram for both
Entrepreneurs Rising and Urbanity Dance.