Michelle Thomas
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Misc Contract Work

Tess Spread 5.jpg

Instruction manual for Tesserax Wars by Andrew Simon Thomas. 2018. 3.5x2.5 in booklet. Shown here: Cover and Sample pages. 

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Blues figure 3.png
Blues Image 1.png

Print poster and illustration design for Boston based Blues and Fusion dances. Poster is designed afterJazz era silkscreen posters. 2018.


Latin Central website design. Features integrated FB feed of posts. Sister site to Bachata Room, two different evenings with a very different vibe at the same club, La Fabrica Central. 2018.

Bachata Room website design. Features video banner upon entry. Set to show only logo design if internet connect will not support video. 2018.

BB Tax Chart-01.jpg

Charts made for Rhodes Lab research presentation. 2018. 

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Courtside Cafe menu page 1.jpg
Courtside Cafe menu page 2.jpg

Menu created in collaboration with Dickinson Lab for the Manchester Athletic Club. 2017. 

Hobson-House-Postcard (1).jpg
Hobson-House-Postcard (2).jpg

Postcard created for annual open studio event. 2017. 


More contract projects will be added as they become publicly available, check back soon to see more!