Urbanity Dance

Urbanity Dance is a nonprofit contemporary dance company based out of Boston's South end. Urbanity has three main enterprises: a professional dance Company, a school for ages 0-adult, and community programming. Design projects for Urbanity Dance include posters and postcards, print and E-newsletters, the company website, merchandise, photo, video, and social media campaigns. Below are a few of the projects from this spring. 

Company Posters: posters are made for each show throughout the year taking into consideration the tone and message of the show, location, collaborations with community partners, and current cast of dancers. 

Each poster is made starting from a professional image of an Urbanity dancer, and manipulated to fit the design of the show. Click on the image to expand. 


Left: Neruda's book of Questions: An Exploration Through Music and Dance. Original photo by Celso Enrique

Right: Observing: Annual Spring Revue. Original photo by Eli Akerstein



Donor newsletters: These newsletters are created quarterly and mailed to anyone who has donated to Urbanity Dance in the past 2 years. They aim to celebrate successes in our last quarter, celebrate each of our three pillars, and inform our donor base of upcoming events and ways to get involved. 

Each newsletter follows a subtle theme of the season to tie in the overall narrative and growth of Urbanity Dance. The newsletter is printed to be mailed without an envelope as a tri-fold pamphlet. Within each newsletter is a donor pledge card, inviting readers to support Urbanity Dance in their upcoming efforts. Click on the image to expand. 


Youth Dance Classes: Advertising for youth classes takes place year-round in print and online formats across our website, enewsletters, dedicated ads, and social media accounts. Pictured below is the 2017-2018 Youth School poster. This poster aims to show off the wide range of offerings Urbanity Dance provides in age and styles alike. Click on the image to expand. 

Youth Families Info-graphic:  To expand marketing efforts and know our community better, a break-down of Urbanity families' home neighborhoods was created. This graphic shows where families are traveling from and where Urbanity has the best chance of growth. 


Website: The Urbanity Dance website serves to show the breadth of work Urbanity Dance does, making learning about the company and getting involved easy and exciting. The Website shows off all three of Urbanity's pillars: School, Company, and Community. Click on the image to expand. 

The homepage of the website features a prominent slideshow. These images rotate between our Company, School, and Community pillars to show exciting and current news.

A comprehensive calendar of all public events can be found on the right, inviting anyone to quickly learn where they can see us and encouraging exploration to parts of Urbanity Dance's programming someone may not know about. 


This preview page is currently taking the place of our 2017-2018 season tab under performances. The striking image represents the Company and upcoming season to keep viewers intrigued. There is a prominent button to "get notified", signing viewers up for our Company newsletter so they will not miss the announcement! 

This page is a good solution to not lose potential audience members while programming is being finalized. 


Merchandise and Gifts: Urbanity has a wide variety of merchandise that highlights the brand and lets people show off their love of the studio. 

To the left: This is a hand drawn image used as a donor postcard to say thank you for supporting Urbanity Dance. 

To the right: An alteration of the pattern can be seen on the pockets of an Urbanity Dance hoodie aimed at our Adult Dance students.