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Simply Bene #2

Digital and hand drawn imagery

Printed on recycled cardboard

This version of the design is aimed at college students and young adults who need a good cheap meal and are perhaps just starting to learn how to cook. The packaging is fun, friendly, and humorous. It is designed with simple line-work and printed on recycled cardboard to minimize environmental impact. Each of the different flavors is a pun off of a great Italian artist, and the window into the pasta is a gold, wheat inspired, frame. The design and packaging work together to portray the company motto: Pasta is our masterpiece. 

The top contains three different tabs sized for one, two, or three servings of pasta. The tab can than fold back in to seal the remainder of the pasta. This makes cooking for one easy and hassle free. In addition, the barebones packaging will stand out on the shelf and help to convey the company promise of perfection through simplicity.